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Posted 27 Jun 2019 in Expertise

Product Focus- PVP Polymers for Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals

Distributed by Redox, Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) is a versatile ingredient used across the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries as a binder, emulsion stabiliser and film former.

Posted 4 Jun 2019 in Personal Care

Product Focus – L-Arginine for personal care

Supplied by Redox across Australia and New Zealand, CJ Cheiljedang Bio’s L-Arginine provides value to products through its versatility in uses and its personal care enhancing features. Due to the unique physiological properties,...

Posted 29 May 2019 in Animal Nutrition

Redox, agent for LAIYU Magnesium Sulphate

Magnesium sulphate (MgSO4), commonly known as Epsom salt, is a versatile ingredient utilised in an array of industries, including animal health, crop production and personal care. Distributed by Redox across Australia, Laiyu’s magnesium...

Posted 14 May 2019 in Partnerships

Product Focus – GLYPURE™ by Chemours

Glypure™ by Chemours, is a cosmetic grade glycolic acid that sets the standard for high quality personal care products. Distributed by Redox across Australia and New Zealand, Gypure™ delivers positive effects by penetrating the skin...

Posted 25 Mar 2019 in Personal Care

Product Focus: Arctic Berry Oils

Arctic Berry Oils extracted from Lingonberry, Blackcurrant, Cranberry and Sea Buckthorn have been shown to support a wide range of claims, from skin protection to soothing, anti-ageing, and brightening efficacies. Distributed by Redox, they

Posted 19 Feb 2019 in Animal Nutrition

Product Focus – L-Cysteine by CJ Cheiljedang

Redox is a distributor of L-Cysteine (Cysteine), a synthetic amino acid manufactured by CJ CheilJedang (CJ) as part of their Aminature vegan range.

Posted 15 Aug 2017 in Animal Nutrition

Vegan L-Cysteine from CJ

Aminature - Amino Acid Delivery From Nature

Posted 28 Jul 2017 in Detergents

Product Focus – Glycolic Acid from Chemours

Redox partner, Chemours has been the leading supplier of glycolic acid (alpha hydroxy acid) worldwide for more than 50 years. Chemours Glycolic Acid (alpha hydroxy acid) combines a unique set of properties that make it ideal for a wide...