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We’re excited that you want to work with Redox but before we get started we suggest you read this page carefully and then fill out the contact form below.

The companies we want to work with

Redox prefers to deal directly with manufacturers (not traders or agents) and deeply values conformance to internationally recognised ISO Accreditation programs.

Before contacting Redox think about whether you have a competitive advantage that you can offer our clients and be sure to communicate that to us quickly and effectively.

Our Process

Once we’ve established an interest in dealing with your company we will commence our supplier assessment process.

We value open and honest relationships built on mutual trust. During our supplier assessment process we require potential suppliers to be completely honest. We will verify and check the details you supply including any certifications and registrations.


Bribery of our staff in any kind or form is expressly forbidden. Whilst we love to share a meal with our suppliers we draw the line at expensive gifts or perks.

We expect you to comply with all laws and regulations and act with integrity in all your dealings with us and our customers.

Products should always be supplied in compliance with all relevant shipping and handling codes and guidelines.

Redox opposes slavery in all its forms and is committed to adhering to the highest ethical standards. Where possible, Redox seeks to work in collaboration with our stakeholders and partners to promote a coordinated approach to tackle these complex modern slavery issues.

To manage the risk of modern slavery in Redox’s operations and supply chains and to identify emerging issues, Redox provides training to relevant team members, collaborates with various organisations, embeds ethical sourcing and modern slavery policies into existing processes, and conducts risk assessments on suppliers.


We expect our suppliers to provide and guarantee their specifications and promptly inform us of any changes.

Specifications should have many parameters which are measurable with details of the relevant test methods used.

Contact Request

Please complete the following form if you wish to be contacted.