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About Redox

Redox has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the leading chemical and ingredients distributors in the world.

Roland was already a highly successful businessman when he arrived in Australia, however it was through his hard work and persistence that the company is the success it is today. Starting Redox in 1965, he utilised his extensive contacts personal relationships across Eastern Europe to establish a flourishing business bridging continents at a time when the tyranny of distance made communication difficult.

An ability to speak many languages allowed him to build his network and unearthing new and exciting suppliers around the world. Delivering affordable, quality products until then unknown to customers who of course came to appreciate his dedication to old fashioned service.

Well known throughout the chemical world as a hard worker, relentless in his pursuit of the best options for both customer and supplier, he had a keen sense for finding opportunities where others would have given up long ago.

Retiring in 2015 after fifty years at the helm of Redox and passing away in 2017, the company culture is indelibly stamped with his ethos.

Roland Coneliano Our Founder

1928 2017


Robert Coneliano Chairman

Overseeing all aspects of the business, Robert is best known as a logical, visionary leader with priceless business acumen derived from his forty-eight years at Redox. Under his careful guidance Redox has progressed and modernised in all facets of operation through the use of systems, procedures and standardisation.

Renato Coneliano Joint Managing Director / Marketing Manager

Renato joined the company in 1980 and started travelling in 1985, since then completing more than sixty trips, most of which have included China. As Marketing Manager he controls Product Management processes at Redox, controlling open positions, reducing risks and ensuring that Redox has the market information that adds value to the supply chain. With a focus on gaining new agencies, he facilitates and assists marketing staff in seeking supply partners where shared values and common goals align for mutual benefit.

Raimond Coneliano Joint Managing Director / Sales Manager

A skilled negotiator and relationships expert, Raimond has overseen the development of Redox’s largest bulk product lines and brokered the Company’s biggest trades over twenty seven year career. He has led the sales team through acquisitions, into new markets, new products and broke sales records.

Richard Coneliano Director / General Manager

Joining Redox in 1995, Richard has led the development of the Redebiz Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and guided the implementation of various IT and telecommunications innovations which have allowed for the rapid expansion of the company. Richard has a keen eye for process improvement and an engaging communication style.

Malcolm Perrins Director / Logistics Manager

Starting with Redox in 1983, Malcolm has carefully guided the progress of one of the most integral functions at Redox - warehousing and logistics. He has a wide area of responsibility and expertise ensuring Redox has the most efficient warehousing and most competitive shipping rates.

Ken Perrins Director / Industry Group Manager Food

Possessing a wealth of ingredient Product Management and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Sales experience, Ken has been an integral part of Redox’s success in the Food industry. He has also been instrumental in blazing our way into Asia through the creation of our Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia office.

Ian H Campbell Non-Executive Director

Ian joined the Board in 2009 and brings to the Company thirty years’ experience as a Partner with Ernst & Young working with entrepreneurial companies, preparing them for growth, sale and the capital markets. He is also Non-Executive Director of CVC Limited, Kip McGrath Education Centres Limited and Bigstone Capital Pty Limited. His previous directorships include Green Foods, Gloria Jeans and Young Achievement Australia, and as a partner of the Allegis Group.

What guides us


To provide industry with quality affordable raw materials, delivered through personalised service.


To develop a network of customers and suppliers, where together we create mutual enduring value.


Leadership, We’re entrepreneurial and embrace continuous improvement.

Integrity, We form open and honest relationships based on trust.

Hard work, We relentlessly pursue our goals.

Knowledge, We know and understand our markets.

Service, We operate with a sense of urgency and discipline.

Health & Safety, We’re focused on the safety of our employees and our communities


Redox has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the leading chemical and ingredients distributors in the world.


Redox generated sales of $1.081 billion in the financial year 2022.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Redox, Corporate Social Responsibility is about responsible business leadership. It influences how business is conducted, interactions with stakeholders, and the value contributed to society.


Redox has established strong dynamic relationships with its clients and suppliers due to its commitment to quality assurance.


Redox has maintained an impeccable track record in logistics.

Redox opens up a world of opportunity giving you access to more than 850 of the world's best manufacturers.

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