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As market leaders of functional ingredients for the personal care industry, Redox is constantly on the lookout for new products that provide our clients with innovative options. This is particularly true now, during the current pandemic, with hand sanitiser manufacturers in search for supply alternatives to fulfil demand.

Hydroxypropyl guars are a naturally derived ingredient extracted from the seed of guar beans. It is sustainable and renewable, which is particularly important to end users and adds value to your finished product. The appeal extends to manufacturing, reducing steps in the process, with its ability to hydrate rapidly in cold water to form viscous water solutions.

Hydroxypropyl guars are available in various grades of clarity, viscosity and degree of modification to cater to specific needs. This powdered product, packed in 25kg cartons, is most commonly used as a thickener in hair care solutions, shower products, hand sanitisers and air fresheners.

If you would like to know more, please contact one of our industry specialists today.

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