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Pearlescent pigments offer a subtle optical appearance, well suited for visual effects that refresh younger looking skin and provide a touch of soft elegance! Supplied by Redox, our range of pearlescent pigments are a value-adding ingredient, providing an eye-catching appeal that sets your products apart within the cosmetics and personal care marketplace.

Pearlescent pigments are usually mica based pigments with titanium dioxide, iron oxide or other pigment adsorbates, with a range that varies from super fine to sparkling lustre colourants providing numerous possibilities to formulators and manufacturers. They deliver a unique tangible dimension, from a subtle shimmer to a sparkling diamond, suitable to use in a wide range of cosmetic and personal care products including powders, eyeshadows, nail varnish, hair care products and gels.

Manufactured under an experienced team of skilled technologists with well-equipped modern laboratories, pearlescent pigments are quality colourants which offer outstanding performance, brilliant colour and special effects. With a partnership approach to providing solutions, custom blends and shade can be devised to meet your specific needs, and as such adding more value to your product.

To learn more about our range of pearlescent pigments and how your product can stay on trend, contact our personal care team today!

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