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Other Names

Semi Refined Crude Glycerine Q3
Polydimethylsiloxane Antifoam Emulsion
Defoamer Sag 1572
Crude Glycerine
Saf 1572 Foam Control Agent
Silicone Emulsion Sm 2115
Glycerol (Vegetable source)
Glycyl Alcohol


About Glycerine

Glycerine(pronounced GLIHsirin) is classified as a type of carbohydrate called a sugar alcohol, or polyol. Glycerine is another name for glycerol, the three-carbon backbone of a triglycerideIt is formed naturally through the alcoholic fermentation of sugars; however, most of the glycerine we consume is produced from the hydrolysis of fats and oils, and in lesser quantities through the fermentation of yeast, sugar or starch. Glycerine is used as an ingredient in a variety of food and beverage products to help retain moisture, prevent sugar crystallization, and add bulk, smoothness, softnesssweetness and texture 

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