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Posted 24 Jan 2024 in Industrial

Shipping Disruptions: Impact of Houthi Rebel Attacks on Global Supply Chains

Global shipping costs are rising due to Houthi rebel attacks on cargo ships near the Red Sea, impacting the Suez Canal and supply chains in Europe and the U.S. Shipments are delayed, and transportation costs are increasing. In the week...

Posted 16 Jun 2023 in Chemicals

Epoxy Resins – the durable solution

Epoxy resins are incredibly versatile and functional, making them essential in various industries. They are used in adhesives, coatings and are critical in many applications. Let’s quickly look into the world of epoxy resins and...

Posted 12 Aug 2022 in Industrial

Glass – More than meets the eye

National Science Week is an annual celebration of science and technology in Australia. It happens every year in August and has more than 1000 events around the country, delivered by different types of organisations such as universities,...