Aminature - Amino Acid Delivery From Nature

In January 2017 CJ CheilJedang announced the launch of L-Cysteine and its derivatives produced through the use of an environmentally-friendly fermentation technology. The technology uses raw sugar and glucose as a raw material, while the majority of manufacturers in the market are still using a hydrolysis process that starts with duck feathers as a raw material.

With the newly-launched L-Cysteine products that have been developed through CJ’s proprietary fermentation technology with unprecedented production yield, CJ is hoping to take a major step into the market.

As one of the food and functional amino acids, Cysteine and its derivatives have various applications such as –

  • Food – marinades, chicken flavoured seasoning
  • Bakery – Dough & Bread Conditioners
  • Complimentary Health – Anti-oxidant supplements, joint and bone formulations, preparations for anti-inflammation & cognitive support
  • Personal Care – Hair Straightening, Curl Retention, Anagen support formulations, skin care
  • Pet Food – Animal Nutrition, Fur Repair

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L-Cysteine HCL