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Distributed by Redox under the consideration of Animal Nutritionists, our heat stable phytase optimises chicken performance, adding value and giving farmers a competitive edge within the market.

Available in both granular and liquid forms, Phytase is a feed-grade enzyme added to poultry and swine diets to help release phosphorus from Phytate, an indigestible anti-nutritional factor found in grains and oil seeds.

The key for optimising chicken performance, is adding phytase to meet optimal dietary calcium and phosphorus requirements, and not the full replacement of inorganic non-phytate phosphorus.

A trial conducted with the University of Sydney, used VRT phytase in broiler diets which were pelleted at 80°C and mixed with whole grain wheat. After forty two days, the addition of phytase improved chicken body weight by 2.9% (3386 gram vs 3488 gram) with a feed conversation ratio (FCR) of 1.44.

At Redox, we are bridging the gap between the world’s premier ingredient manufacturers and feed producers with a team of Animal Nutritionists and industry experts guiding clients to maximise performance and improve quality. With twelve branches across four countries, friendly help is not far away!

To discuss how heat stable phytase can be used to optimise your chicken and pig’s performance, contact our Animal Nutritionists today.

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