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Redox are excited to announce that we are joining hundreds of other business leaders in giving our employees the flexibility needed for them to exercise their right to vote.

There are no shortage of hurdles to voting, workers shouldn’t have to choose between earning a pay check and voting. Time To Vote is a nonpartisan movement, led by the business community, to contribute to the culture shift needed to increase voter participation in our country’s elections.

One of the most common reasons people give for not voting is that they’re too busy with the demands of work and life. Redox is committed to ensuring that our employees have a work schedule that allows them time to vote in the upcoming 2020 Presidential election.

On voting day Redox US offices will remain operational, with a skeleton staff. All registered voters will be eligible to take time to vote.

Redox is proud to stand with other industry leaders such as Nike, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Hewlett Packard and hundreds of others in support of our employee’s right to vote.

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