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The ancient Japanese called Squalene ‘Samewada’, the cure all, now modern experts are catching up to its benefits.  

The name Squalene comes from its source, ‘Squalus’ is a genus of Sharks and Shark liver is a common source of Squalene although Olives and other plant sources are also available. It’s a 100% natural compound that may have a multitude of positive health properties and has been shown to help the human body synthesise cholesterol, steroid hormones and vitamin D.

Squalene (C30H50) is a structurally unique triterpene compound that is one of the main components of skin surface lipids. Squalene being the main component of the skin surface polyunsaturated lipids, acts as an emollient and hydrating agent for the skin. It also aids in the skin’s anti-tumour activities.

Health conditions such as cancer, cholesterol and weak immunity have become very common in today’s world. Even our skin isn’t immune, it is frequently subjected to unforgiving sunlight, dust, chemicals and ultraviolet light irradiation causing rashes, dryness, patchiness and other forms of distress. The lifestyles that we live have made staying healthy very difficult, add in the complexity of the various kinds of medicines available for the same symptoms and you can see why people are looking for an easier solution.

It was only recently discovered that this natural chemical component, Squalene, is present in small amounts in the human body. Newborns show the highest amount of squalene in their blood with this amount rapidly decreasing over the years with the concentration of Squalene in the blood drastically dropping between the ages of 30 and 40.

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