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Redox partner ANSAC (American Natural Soda Ash Corp) are the largest soda ash exporter in the world moving approximately four million metric tons of high quality, environmentally friendly natural soda ash.

For more than two decades Redox has proudly distributed Dense Soda Ash for ANSAC in Australia with bulk storage facilities in Melbourne (VIC) and Port Kembla (NSW) with capacity to store in excess of 12,000 metric tonnes at each.

Both sites have advanced, purpose designed and built bagging and handling equipment able to fulfil any customer requirement.

Redox continues to share its expertise in Soda Ash with clients from a diverse range of industries and invests in bulk receiving and storage solutions in conjunction with our clients to optimise their supply chain.

Soda Ash

To find out more about ANSAC please view their newly released video which gives valuable insight into the company, its history, environmental credentials, logistical strength and advantages.


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