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Redox partner Lanxess offers products for all kinds of lubrication solutions. From synthetic base fluids, to single component additives to additive packages, their high performance products lubricate all kinds of engines, machinery and transportation equipment. Under the brand names Additin®, LOBASE®, HIBASE®, Naugalube® and Durad® the Lubricant Additives business offers a comprehensive product line of additives and additive packages for industrial lubricants and greases. The brands Hatcol® and Synton® stand for high performance synthetic base fluids, while Reolube® hydraulic fluids serve in specific applications, where not only good lubrication is mandatory, but also highest demands in terms of fire resistance are requested. The Anderol® and Royco® brands are high performance finished lubricants designed to meet premium industrial and aviation specifications whilst the range of calcium sulfonate greases cover a broad range of demanding applications.

Our products enable customers to comply with increasingly demanding government-mandated emissions and fuel-economy standards. Whether used  to protect engines and drive-trains  from wear and tear or to extend the life of machinery operating at high temperatures, our products are specifically developed to fulfil the highest demanding specifications  and performance standards while bringing environmental benefits to our customers and their downstream users.

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Additives for the lubricants industry:

  • Additin® EP – high-pressure additives
  • Additin®AW – anti-wear additives
  • Additin® CI – anti-corrosion additives
  • Additin® WM – water-miscible additives
  • Additin® AO – antioxidants
  • Additin® PA – additive packages
  • Additin® SP – specialty products
  • HATCOL® Synthetic esters
  • LOBASE® and HYBASE detergents
  • Naugalube® Antioxidants
  • Reolube® Fire resistant Hydraulic Fluids
  • SYNTON® PAOs & HATCOL® Esters
  • DURAD® Anti-wear Additives
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