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Redox proudly represents Evonik in Australia & New Zealand for their exceptional range of VISIOMER® Specialty Methacrylates. 

Within the domain of macromolecular chemistry, the remarkable adaptability and efficacy of methacrylate monomers have long been acknowledged and celebrated. These versatile building blocks have solidified their indispensable status across numerous industries and applications. VISIOMER® Specialty Methacrylates have emerged as essential components, harnessing their diverse capabilities to unlock endless possibilities.

Applications & benefits

From adhesives and paints to coatings, composite resins, construction materials, and an array of unique applications, VISIOMER® Specialty Methacrylates offer individuality and sustainability, enabling exceptional effects for products across a broad spectrum.

Let us explore a selection of industries and the corresponding advantages conferred by VISIOMER® methacrylates:

Protective coatings

  • Excellent weather- and scratch resistance
  • SB coatings with low VOC, fast physical drying and outstanding levelling and gloss
  • Excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance

Architectural Coatings

  • Excellent shear stability, viscosity control and adhesion of emulsion paints to a variety of substrates
  • Higher resistance against polar chemicals
  • Resins with low carbon footprint


  • Enhanced cohesive strength and resistance
  • Formulation components with low hazard potential
  • Increased adhesion to polar surfaces


  • Fast curing, even at low temperatures
  • Low-odour, reactive diluent
  • Chemical stability

The remarkable potential of these specialty chemicals extends far beyond their primary applications, opening up limitless opportunities for generating unique and environmentally friendly effects across a multitude of industries, including adhesives, construction, composite resins and a whole range of specialty applications – Electrical insulation varnishes, surfactants, thickeners and 3D printing used in dental compounds, adhesives for dental applications and 3D printed aligners.

Sustainable performance

What sets the VISIOMER® line of biobased specialty methacrylate monomers apart is their exceptional ability to deliver outstanding results while prioritising sustainability. With a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility, these methacrylates offer top-tier performance and serve as a greener alternative.

Evonik has been manufacturing monomers for over ten years using biobased and recycled raw materials, comprising up to 85% of the composition. These monomers fall under the renowned brand VISIOMER® Terra, reflecting our commitment to safeguarding the environment and addressing climate change while maintaining excellent performance standards. Not only are VISIOMER® Terra biobased monomers required to meet stringent performance criteria, but they must also possess low hazard potential and promote environmental friendliness. As their popularity continues to rise, these monomers become more affordable, ensuring wider accessibility.

How Can Redox Help?

With Redox, rest assured that our unwavering commitment to excellence will empower your business.

Contact us today to discover how we can be an essential partner in your sourcing strategy.

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