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Redox’s Magnesium Oxide (MgO) has recently been certified as an Organic Input for use in livestock feed and nutrition by New Zealand’s leading organic certifier BioGro. As a certified Organic Input, our MgO is accredited for use in certified organic production for animal feed, treatments and supplements.

Organic farming and the use of approved organic inputs has become increasingly prevalent within the agricultural market with more and more farmers seeking natural ingredients in order to provide the best nutrition and to optimise performance. Our organic input certification is representative of the high quality products held within our portfolio and the standards utilised in the production process, providing peace of mind and a valuable competitive edge for livestock feed and nutrition manufacturers.

Redox has held a long standing relationship with our manufacturing partner, ensuring constant and consistent supply of quality MgO for Australia, New Zealand and across the globe. Quality is a priority with extensive investment made in research and development, and in the attainment of quality certifications, including ISO9001, ISO14001, FAMI-QS, HACCP and OHSAS18001. Our latest certification signifies our continued quality assurance and market leadership.

Biogro has been New Zealand’s leading organic certifier since 1983, with the nation’s largest database of organic farmers, producers and manufacturers from New Zealand and across the Pacific. They aim to simplify organic certification through innovation allowing producers to display New Zealand’s most trusted organic logo, giving consumers trust in the mark of a genuine organic product.

For more information about our certified Organic Input Magnesium Oxide, contact one of our industry specialists.

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