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Redox is proud to announce that it will soon be distributing a number of rice flour and rice starch products, from Herba Ingredients a leading European rice flour producer, which satisfy the highest of customer standards.

The key to this range is the variety of specialty products including heat treated, low micro, low moisture, organic certified, rice flours with very low levels of heavy metals and contaminants, and two textured vegetable proteins free from soya and made from peas. This complements our existing range of native rice flour from Varavoot and is intended to extend our reach into the specialty market.

Rice flours and starches can be applied in various food applications including bakery, cereals, confectionery, coating and breading, dairy, meat, noodles, ready meals, soups and sauces, snacks, baby foods and more. They are also used in place of other cereal flours and starches, either as a partial or complete replacement, and can be used in personal care and pharmaceutical applications.

New to the Redox portfolio, rice starch is characterised by granules from 2 to 8 micron, much smaller than those of other cereals such as corn, wheat and potato. Its size is comparable to that of fat globules, offering a creamy texture that serves as a natural fat replacer. Gluten and allergen free, its neutral taste and white appearance make it an ideal ingredient for clean label coating and whitening in confectionery.  Due to its low protein (<1%) and fat (<0.1%) levels it will typically not alter the colour or taste of the product.  It also has very good thermal stability, used in UHT processes.

Herba ingredients, a part of the global rice and flour leader Ebro Foods, provides exceptional technical support and an opportunity to supply clean label solutions, where previously it has been limited to gums and modified starches. Also the rise of vegetarian and vegan meal choices enables this product to become a key ingredient in many new products.

A full range of samples will be available late March/Early April. For further information contact one of our industry experts.

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