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Redox has been appointed the Australian and New Zealand distributor for Evonik’s FAVOR-PAC series.

The FAVOR-PAC series is designed especially for packaging in the food sector. The raw material composition of FAVOR-PAC conforms to the European Directive for products in contact with food and consequently meets the strict requirements of the European Union.

FAVOR-PAC is a product line of super absorbent granules which has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the packaging industries. FAVOR-PAC is a swellable, insoluble, cross linked polymer, when upon contact with fluids forms a gel which retains liquids well. Even under stress, and depending on the liquid, FAVOR-PAC can absorb many times its own weight.

During the transportation of food products, changing temperature zones cause condensed moisture, which can damage the goods to be shipped.  FAVOR-PAC absorbent composites can assist in avoiding this potential damage. Frozen absorbent composites containing FAVOR-PAC slow down the thawing process considerably, and also absorb the accumulated thawed liquids. In transportation, a matter of just a few hours is crucial for the products to reach their destination in a satisfactory condition.

In combination with non-wovens and films or foils, FAVOR-PAC 300 can be made into soaker pads of various designs, which have become indispensable in the packing of meat, poultry and fish and any other thermal sensitive products. FAVOR-PAC in soaker pads can also assist in considerable cost savings in the retail food trade by reducing the frequency of repacking.

There are no limits to the fields of application for FAVOR-PAC in packaging and transportation. Examples of a few possible advantages for retailers and consumers from the use of FAVOR-PAC series in soaker pads are:

  • absorption and retention of unwanted liquids dry, hygienic storage of foodstuff
  • no repacking necessary due to sodden packaging
  • attractive appearance of the product
  • easy, clean transport for the consumer
  • the product can be removed without any problems
  • simple, clean disposal of the packaging

FAVOR-PAC offers the answer, whether transporting products which are liable to escape, for the direct absorption and retention of liquids or as a coolant or ice substitute. FAVOR-PAC reduces rejects, and allows clean and hygienic transport.

Whenever it becomes necessary to absorb and retain excess fluids in packaging and transportation, FAVOR-PAC solves the problem! For more information please contact your Redox representative.

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