Redox has maintained an impeccable track record in logistics. Our in-house supply chain solutions are capable of costing and monitoring the movement of products with ease using an economy of scale and a broad range of activity.  During the last year, our supply chain had a noticeable increase in activity; a result of the substantial growth experienced.

During 2018, Redox implemented the road and rail movement of 594,645 tonnes via semi-trailers, bulk road tankers and a fleet of rigid vehicles. We used the latest pallet software to monitor the movement of over 38,500 units on hire on any given day, and managed an additional 11,000 premium-quality, non-returnable pallets.

We employed over 130 people directly involved in the supply chain, and an additional support network of over 200 others. The logistics team efficiently engaged in duties such as shipping documentation, customs, brokerage, complete interport functions and warehouse management to ensure customer peace of mind and satisfaction.

Each year, the Redox logistics department coordinates the movement of over 20,000 shipping containers annually, and synchronises their movement with over 11 various shipping lines and agents. We pride ourselves on our 60 specialised storage sites that are strategically situated near inter-modal container transfer nodes for efficient delivery. A substantial increase from the previous year, during 2018, we had:

  • 5,117 SKU’s
  • 1,094 Product Groups
  • 891 active Suppliers
  • Handled over 20,000 shipping containers
  • Maintained 35,102 freight quotes at all times
  • Sold 594,645 tonnes
  • Produced 136,955 invoices
  • Submitted 14,247 purchase orders

Redox has maintained an impeccable track record in logistics. With growth expected to continue Redox continually innovates and adapts to efficient and effective processes to ensure success.

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About Redox
Redox is a leading commodity and specialty chemical distributor with 11 sales offices throughout Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and the United States. With more than 350 staff and sales in excess of $653million FY17/18 Redox brings the best products from around the world to clients in over 140 unique industries.