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Sydney, Australia. Redox (Redox Pty Ltd) has today completed the purchase of the business of P.D. Plastics (P.D. Plastics Pty Ltd).

P.D. Plastics are a specialty distributor of engineering polymers, speciality additives and other items with particular strength in Thermoplastic Poly Urethanes (TPU).

Robert Coneliano, Redox Managing Director “The acquisition complements our existing product portfolio for the plastics business and supports our ability to comprehensively serve all segments of the industry. P.D. Plastics clients will benefit from access to an expanded product range, while suppliers will gain access to our larger sales team and efficient logistics network.”

Paul & Steven Dillon of P.D. Plastics will both be taking positions with Redox to assist in the transition of business and provide training and technical support to the Redox Plastics division.

All pending orders and commitments to P.D. Plastics customers and suppliers will be honoured.

For more information, please call your local representative.

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