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Redox has partnered with AB Biotek to distribute their Australian made yeast and fermentation aids to winemakers across the Australia.

As a technology-driven company specialising in fermentation science, AB Biotek produces active dry yeast and provides integrated fermentation solutions using proprietary yeast technology, for the global wine and alcoholic beverage market. Their maurivin™ and next generation™ brands are popular active dry wine yeasts with many winemakers. AB Biotek is part of AB Mauri, the global yeast and bakery ingredients division of the international group Associated British Foods (ABF).

Redox is a distributor of AB Biotek yeast fermentation aids across Australia. Our Redox Food & Beverage team recognise that great taste, consistent levels of quality and safety, value for money, innovation and convenience are key to our enjoyment of food and life. Through constant interaction with nutritionists, specialists and regulatory bodies Redox are at the forefront of the industry delivering the benefits to you. We pride ourselves on our extensive and ever-expanding range of ingredients which includes fermentation products, fining agents and filtrations Aids, stabilisers, antioxidants, vitamins, acidulants, preservatives and other basic and functional ingredients. Through our association with ABF we now have access to AB Enzymes – Rohavin, Rohapect and the Rohalase range of Wine and Fruit Juice Enzymes.

Redox invites you to join the many winemakers around the world to experience the benefits of consistent quality and value of AB Biotek products. Contact an expert today!

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