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In this month’s Employee Spotlight, we talk to Senior Business Manager and Product Manager, Megan Leung.

When did you start working at Redox and what are your memories of that time?
I started life at Redox in 2011 as a sales consultant and gradually rose through the ranks to Senior Business Manager, the constant hustle and bustle of Redox life never changes – it is truly an exceptionally fast paced environment!

In the beginning when we were a team of around 10 sales staff in the Brisbane office, I had to cover many industries: water treatment, detergent, food/beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care, veterinary etc. With Brisbane sales staff now doubled, my main patches are food/beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care.

The customers I’ve had over the years have been so incredible and unique and there are too many to list them all down. A few standouts that come to mind are:

  • a customer that needed acids for an archaeological dinosaur dig for far North QLD
  • one that only made soaps and candles in the shape of body parts for hens and bucks parties (I.T. were a bit wary of me when I needed the website unblocked)
  • another making gluten free pasta with the residual soy pomace left over from their processing.

How have processes or technology changed at Redox and how has that benefited the customer?
As a relatively tech savvy millennial, the PICK system (which NickO had talked about in his Employee Spotlight) was the bane of my existence.Old PC with smashed screen

You could only use the keyboard to navigate, it was a black screen with green and you had to communicate/navigate in CAPITALS.

For those who remember PICK, option 15 was seared into my brain months after Redebiz went live.

Redebiz was an absolute godsend not only for the employee but the customers. With the launch of Redebiz, we were easily able to access/send quality documents. The constant innovations our amazing IT team make to further improve our systems continually fortifies the strength of Redox.

The accounts process has also evolved over the years. Kim Yap used to have to approve every single order with credit shortage or credit hold. Karen and I used to compile the list and do scissors, paper, rock to decide who would be on the receiving end of the Smiling Axe. (I won most times!)

What was the decision behind coming to Redox?
At the time, I had three great job offers so, not going to lie, it was the free daily supplied lunches that nabbed me.

What’s the most stand out personal achievement you’ve hit while working at Redox?
Cracking “difficult” customers has been my constant goal from the start. My first one was one that was set up in the system 20 years prior, but we could never seem to be able to supply to due to misunderstandings. Through persistence they went from $0 to over $500k customer and was the first of many great relationships.

What’s your boss like?
Karen Cheng is our food/personal care team leader in Brisbane, she is super sassy, amazingly loving and truly a machine. Working with and under her has been a wonderful journey (always ladened with food).

As a leader, she’s constantly evolving and growing. Her willingness to adapt and change is truly inspiring. I am truly blessed to be under her leadership.

Not sure where this came from originally, but we have heard over the years from different colleagues and different branches that we’re related. As far as we know, we’re just eerily telepathic colleagues (maybe brought on from her being stuck with me for decades).

Simone Wallace is my primary industry leader. My nickname for her (that I recently discovered is also one used by one of our suppliers) is fairy godmother.

Under her continued mentorship and trust, I’ve taken on more products, travelled to and set up conferences (internationally and domestically), had many enriching conversations where I learnt even more about the industry and mindset changes in order to serve Redox better. She is my role model as a (very, far future) potential mother, businesswoman and leader.

One of our core values is integrity, how do you see Redox demonstrating this in the business and with our customers?
I believe that integrity is built on trust; and to build trust, you need to build relationships. Redox builds long lasting relationships extremely well and having suppliers and customers that have been working with us for decades exemplifies this.

Redox constantly seek to understand situations better and we are always at the forefront of information in order to grow ourselves as individual employees and as a company!

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