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We are proud to announce that Redox has been appointed the agents for Fumeipharm’s wax products in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.

As part of this agency, Redox will be distributing Fumeipharm’s high quality Cerafumei (beeswax), Parafumei (paraffin wax), Microfumei (microcrystalline wax), sumac wax, synthetic beeswax and much more. Later this year, Fumeipharm will also be commercially producing carnauba wax targeting the pharmaceutical field.

Fumeipharm (or more commonly known as Fumei Bee) was founded in 1981, and has the production capacity of over 20,000 mt of waxes. Fumei are approved by numerous multinational personal care and colour cosmetic companies. They pride themselves on high quality and competitively priced product, so much so that they are currently the only GMP certified wax plant to produce pharmaceutical excipients. Along with the wide range of waxes Henan Fumei stock, their vast experience in the field also allows them to produce customized waxes to improve efficiency and to provide price competitiveness.

Through our dedicated team of Redox specialists, we deliver real value and a fresh approach to meeting our customer’s needs in a dynamic market. We carefully select our supplier partners by their ability to create innovative solutions and identify ingredients which allow our customers to secure their ability to compete and generate lasting value.

Please contact your Redox representative for more information or visit our website.

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