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Redox is pleased to announce a new collaboration with 20 Microns to distribute its products across Australia.   

Founded in 1987 as a producer of mineral based fillers, 20 Microns has in recent years expanded its product offering in the area of Specialty Minerals, Chemicals and Performance Additives. A leading company in its field, 20 Microns maintains a fully integrated manufacturing process including 9 mines with more than 100,000KT of reserves and 9 manufacturing locations. The company maintains the highest quality benchmarks and are accredited to ISO9001 & 14001 standards.

The range of high performance products find application with a significant number of global partners in market segments such as Coatings, Paper, Rubber & Plastics, Agrichemicals and Construction.

20 Microns offers a broad portfolio of materials such as –

• Talcs, Clays (hydrous & Calcined)
• Calcium Carbonate
• Mica and Barytes.

Specialty chemicals & additives include –

• Matting agents
• Fumed silica
• Organoclays
• Thickeners
• Flame retardants and much more.

“20 Microns has been searching for a partner to be associated with to extend our reach into Australia, and we could think of none better to be associated with than Redox” said Milind A Ranade, Vice President- International Business Development. “We see in Redox the reputation you carry in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the United States, built through the hard work of your visionary Directors along with your team as a whole…this is a proud moment for our company to be partnering with Redox.”

Redox has commenced promotion of the range of products to its clients and looks forward to building on the partnership in the coming years.

To discuss how you can incorporate the 20 Microns range in your next product, contact one of our industry specialists today.

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