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Redox has recently been accredited as a Trusted Trader by the Australian Government, recognising our compliant trade practices and a secure international supply chain.

Administered by Home Affairs with the Australian Border Force, The Australian Trusted Trader program secures our borders and facilitates legitimate trade. It reduces red tape, improves certainty in export markets, and expedites the flow of cargo in and out of Australia, which means faster access to market.

As a Trusted Trader, Redox has access to a growing range of benefits that simplify our customs processes and enable a more streamlined supply of goods. These include:

  • priority processing of our goods through customs
  • consolidated cargo clearance
  • trade facilitation benefits with partner countries
  • access to a dedicated border force account manager
  • access to the Asia–Pacific Economic Cooperation Travel Business Card

The accreditation process involved a thorough review of Redox systems and processes by the Australian Border Force. This included validation of our physical site security, goods security, transport security, personnel security, systems capabilities, security risk assessments, internal audits, business structure, compliance with Customs related laws, and accuracy of Customs information provided to Australian Border Force.

Australian Trusted Trader accreditation will inevitably save time and money for Redox, benefiting all stakeholders. With the simplified movement of goods our suppliers will be better supported to meet our growing demand, while our customers will benefit from our quicker and more responsive supply chain.

To read more about Redox or to contact a representative visit our website at

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