Redox is an exclusive distributor for Kangyuan’s high tech agricultural fertilisers and bio-stimulants across Australia and New Zealand.

Based in China, Kangyuan is a global leader in fertilisers and bio-stimulants with their products known across more than thirty countries. Aiming to provide an all-inclusive range of products that can be used to optimise crop growth, Kangyuan’s products include:

  • Potassium Humate – HUMIL NPK, KY Black Powder and True Humic Series
  • KY Ferti-Max Series organic fertiliser
  • KY Liquid Humic Acid 18%
  • Fulvic acids - Agri-Booster, K+Fulvic Acid and Fulvic Acid Series
  • KY Sodium Humate
  • Boron Humate, Zinc Humate, Iron Humate
  • Humic Acid Raw Material
  • Biostimulants+ NPK – KY Humil NPK series

Kangyuan is managed under ISO 9001:2015 quality control processes, with quality assessments also from CNAS and SGS, along with specific organic product certifications from CERES.  Kangyuan is also the first Chinese humate, fulvate based manufacturer to complete Europe Reach registration for their products. Their reputation for high quality products and a dedication to innovation makes them the number one choice for high tech agricultural fertilisers and bio-stimulants.

To find out more about our range of Kangyuan fertilisers and bio-stimulants available, contact our industry experts!

About Redox
Redox is a leading commodity and specialty chemical distributor with 12 sales offices throughout Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and the United States. With more than 350 staff and sales in excess of $653million FY17/18 Redox brings the best products from around the world to clients in over 140 unique industries.