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Distributed by Redox, UVASYS is known worldwide as the pioneer of the laminated plastic sulphur dioxide generating sheet. It is acknowledged in countries that produce, export or import Table Grapes as the premium product.

Its function is to protect grapes from postharvest fungal decay, particularly the devastation caused by the Botrytis cinerea fungus (grey mould/mold) on grapes that are transported and stored.

The unique and innovative construction of UVASYS sulphur dioxide generating sheets ensures a predictable and consistent emission of sulphur dioxide over an extended period. This has the benefit of maximum fungal decay control, combined with minimum sulphur dioxide burn damage.

The superior appearance of stems and berries after months of storage is assured, and the consequent extension in shelf life make Uvasys the choice of many leading European retailers worldwide. These major advantages are in part owing to its unique plastic and wax/sodium metabisulphite matrix laminating process, and in part to the manufacturing process which adheres to tight specifications and stringent quality control procedures. Uvasys was the first sulphur dioxide generating sheet to be manufactured in a BRC certified environment.

Older technology sheets such as the paper/plastic granular Sodium Metabisulphate combination sulphur dioxide generating sheets are unable to provide the precise nature of the UVASYS laminated sheet’s technology and the consistency and control of its sulphur dioxide emissions.

Uvasys sheets are manufactured in batches, every batch of UVASYS sheets has a unique number, which is printed on each sheet. This batch number provides full traceability in accordance with standards expected by customers today. This is another reason why users trust Uvasys.

Continuing research has proved conclusively that SO2 is the most practical and effective method available to destroy or inhibit the growth of the Botrytis cinerea fungus on fresh fruit.

Through the supply of UVASYS, Redox customers are provided with high quality specialty products and technical support to suit their grape needs.

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