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Ever wondered what ingredient gives you wings? Supplied by Redox, Taurine is an amino acid, often produced in our body that is required as a building block of protein. Taurine is a preferred ingredient across the pet food and beverage industries, providing value to products through its health benefiting properties.

Taurine is found in large amounts within the brain, retina, heart, and blood cells called platelets. The best food sources are meat and fish. When it is synthesized for commercial use, taurine is made from isetheonic acid or through the reaction of aziridine with sulphurous acid.

For cats, unlike humans and dogs, taurine is an essential amino acid and it cannot be produced naturally. The main source of taurine is provided by cat food, with a lack of taurine leading to heart and eye disease in the species. Within the beverage industry, taurine is commonly found within energy and performance based drinks, which is due to its physiological effect to improve muscular function and physical performance. It is also known to have other health benefits against congestive heart failure and in some cases liver disease.

Redox is one of the worlds most trusted names within the industry of wholesale ingredients, with more than 50 years of loyal service to the industry. We employ stringent quality management systems which allow seamless integration into our clients businesses, providing the peace of mind that clients crave. Our careful selection of quality products from all the corners of the globe allows formulators the freedom to tailor their products and take advantage of the best new technologies and trends. With twelve branches across four countries – friendly help is not far away!

To discuss how taurine can be used to add value to your next product talk to one of our industry experts.

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