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In our constant search to offer our customers the highest in quality, Redox are excited to offer Quality filters from Pall Water, exclusively for our Australian clients.

For over 20 years, Pall Water has provided municipal and industrial customers with reliable water filtration solutions to meet their most complex water challenges.

From disposable pre-treatment bag filters and housings to cartridge filters and housings, Pall Water filtration products can be used in a wide range of applications such as Desalination, Groundwater contaminants, Effluent water treatment and RO Protection.

Pall Water’s Depth, Pleated, High Flow and bag filter solutions offer numerous benefits including:

• Industry leading dirt holding capacity
• Depth and Pleated types (Absolute/Nominal)
• Various micron rating down to 0.05 microns
• Filter Housings in vertical/horizontal configurations and various materials of construction
• All filters are manufactured in the United States

Pall Water’s cartridge and bag filter solutions save on chemical spending and time for the maintenance of the Reverse osmosis system, accomplishing high quality drinking water and reduced pollutants in waste water. Pall Water Prelude™ pre-treatment solutions are trusted to protect your membranes, your systems, and your investments.

From the end user in factories to municipal water treatment, Mining and desalination plants, Redox is proud to help our customers achieve better filtration and saving on downstream consumables. From bags to high flow pleated cartridges, Pall Water is known for high quality, patented designs that lower your overall cost of ownership.

To find out more about Pall Water filters, contact one of our industry specialists today.

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