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NovaNPKTM is a fully soluble NPK powder blend fertiliser, designed for all fertigated crops under drip irrigation, sprinklers, pivots or jets. Exclusively distributed throughout Australia by Redox, Its formulations effectively deliver the correct portions of nutrients for optimum growth, highest yield and top quality crops.

NovaNPKTM is available in a wide range of tailor-made formulations including different chloride concentrations to exactly match crop sensitivity, soil and water chloride levels. They included fully chelated and balanced mix of micronutrients, resulting in high concentration and availability in a single source.

The white, fully water-soluble and almost impurity-free fertiliser, quickly dissolves to a clear solution with no clogging of irrigation systems. It is also eco-friendly with negligible amounts of heavy metals present, and no residual or hazardous contaminants, making it safe and easy to store and use.

ICL Specialty Fertilizers is a leading company in plant nutrition, serving the world’s green markets through ornamental horticulture, specialty agriculture, and turf and amenity divisions. Their combination of world-class technical and down-to earth personal touch are the seeds of their success.

For a complete plant nutrition scheme throughout the growth cycle, with a wide range of formulae, fitting the needs of different crop stages, contact one of our industry experts!

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Posted 21 May 2024 in Animal Nutrition

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VISIOMER® Specialty Methacrylates

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