Supplied by Redox, Growbags provide crops with optimal growth conditions while also saving costs and providing growers with a sustainable solution, confronting the issue of water scarcity head on.

At Redox, our growbags provide two layers; a layer of coco pith at the top where fine dust is removed followed by a layer of coco chips 5-15cm at the bottom. This double layer ensures optimal growth conditions for crops including fast initial growth after planting, a horizontal rooting through the entire layer and uniform drainage. As such these coir growbags can be optimally controlled and used in various crops such as vegetables, flowers and soft fruit like strawberries.

These growbags save money due to their compact size which enables up to 17,000 growbags to be transported at once when using a forty foot container, meaning larger shipments and fewer costs. They provide economic value as they are able to be reused for other crops after initial cultivation, can be mixed and also used for soil improvement. The optimum conditions ensure less root disease as there are no more wet roots, saving money on associated expenses and fertilisers.

Due to their unique composition they are ideal for water scarce environments, with less influences from a dry climate to have affect because of the high water holding capacity. While they have minimum equal yield compared to stonewool, they exhibit up to 20% less water consumption, providing a more sustainable solution when using our most precious resource – water!

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