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EcoPaXX®, by DSM is a bio-based, high-performance polyamide (PA410) that offers outstanding performance across the board. Distributed by Redox, EcoPaXX® is primarily made from renewable materials, offering a wide range of properties, and available in various grades.

EcoPaXX® belongs to the family of long-chain polyamides, which offer exceptional performance in the most demanding of environments. That includes excellent chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, combined with a very high melting point up to 250ºC (highest of all bio-plastics) and a high crystallization rate typical for engineering plastics like PA66 and PA46.

It’s certified 100% carbon neutral from cradle to gate as validated by an independent third party. That means the amount of carbon dioxide emitted during the production of EcoPaXX® is offset by the amount absorbed in plant growth, and in particular by the riccinus communis; the tropical castor bean plant that makes up some 70% of EcoPaXX®.

EcoPaXX® can be processed on standard injection-moulding and extrusion machines. Its intrinsic fast crystallization helps ensure short injection-moulding cycle times. EcoPaXX® is available in a growing portfolio of grades suitable for a wide range of industrial applications and sectors including:

  • Automotive: Its combination of strength and stiffness, along with chemical and high heat resistance makes it especially ideal for demanding Under-the-Hood components and safety applications.
  • Electrical and Electronics: It includes a range of dedicated grades featuring low moisture absorption, high dimensional stability and UL-flammability rating. That includes stiff and tough materials for frames in handheld devices like mobile phones; as well as halogen-free flame retardant materials for use in connectors, low voltage switchgears, and other power distribution applications.
  • Consumer goods, sport and leisure: From skiing gear to zips and fasteners, manufacturers are looking to produce lighter, smarter and greener designs that meet the needs of modern consumers. EcoPaXX® fits the bill nicely.

Royal DSM is a purpose-led global science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living. DSM is dedicated to the development of innovative solutions and collaborations that contribute to a circular economy, representing nature and the circle of life.

To learn more about EcoPaXX® and the wider DSM plastics portfolio, contact of our industry professionals.

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