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Identified for its potential to enhance the human body especially during high-intensity exercise, Creatine is a favoured ingredient across manufacturers of health foods, beverages and supplement products. Distributed by Redox, Creatine is safe, effective and affordable – a gold standard ingredient for your product!

Creatine is a naturally occurring compound and a fundamental component of high energy phosphate metabolism, required for buffering, transport, and regulation of cellular energy, found abundantly in metabolically active tissue such as muscle, heart and brain. While it is synthesised endogenously, it is commonly absorbed from dietary sources, such as:

  • Body performance products – performance powders, supplements and snack foods
  • Drinks – energy drinks and other functional drinks
  • Health foods – functional foods, vegan and vegetarian food and snacks

Creatine is a value-adding ingredient primarily due to its health benefits; its capability to cause numerous changes within muscle cells, signalling your body to build new muscle proteins and increase muscle mass. It is an ingredient of choice for consumers who seek out benefits concerned with body enhancement, healthy lifestyles and sustainable food sources, such as body builders, trainers, vegans and vegetarians, and many more.

Creatine is available in both monohydrate (80 and 200 mesh) and anhydrous forms, ensuing we have the right ingredient for your food, drink or supplement. Manufactured under strict controls our Creatine comes with ISO9001 quality certification, along with Halal and Kosher guarantees.

To discuss how Creatine can add value to your next food, beverage or supplement product, contact one of our team members today!

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