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Redox Amino Acid supplier CJ Cheil Jedang (CJ) has started producing L-Methionine in its plant in Malaysia with a capacity of 80,000 tonnes per annum.

The company is utilizing an environmentally-friendly bio-fermentation process which uses raw sugar and grape sugar as raw materials. CJ discovered this process after 8 long years of research and development.

L-Methionine developed by CJ Cheil Jedang, has been recognized for its superior bio-availability.

The production of 80,000 tons per year will change the world’s Methionine market landscape, which is currently dominated by older technology, petroleum-based DL-Methionine.

Methionine, which has a global market size of US$5 billion, makes up the biggest part of the total essential amino acid market for animal feed, along with lysine, which has a market size of US$4 billion.

The plant producing L-Methionine is located in the coastal city of Kerteh, Malaysia and is therefore well positioned to capitalise on growing demand in Asia.

Contact your local Redox representative for more information or to obtain trial results, samples and pricing or to be put in direct contact with CJ’s technical team for a deeper explanation of the benefits of L-Methionine over DL-Methionine.

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