CAROAT® is a non-chlorine oxidiser used for shock treatment applications with all the positive functionality of a chlorine oxidizer while avoiding the negative side effects. Supplied exclusively by Redox across Australia, CAROAT® by United Initiators is used widely for swimming pool water treatment.

CAROAT® is a potassium monopersulfate triple salt with the composition potassium monopersulfate (2 KHSO₅), potassium hydrogen sulfate (KHSO₄) and potassium sulfate (K₂SO₄). CAROAT® is the only stable and safe carrier of the desired active compound KHSO₅, with advantages including:

  • Sparkling clear water; a powerful oxidizer (high oxidation potential)
  • No chloramines or chlorine odour’s
  • No unhealthy THMs - oxygen-based, doesn't contain chlorine
  • Unaffected by UV degradation - can be used day and night
  • Fast dissolving, harmless, non-toxic - same day shock and swim
  • Increases efficiency of the sanitizer; compatible with sanitizers based on chlorine, bromine and other non-halogen based alternatives

CAROAT® is supplied as a free-flowing and stable powder with a high quality consistency and a long storage life under cool and dry conditions.

United Initiators is a world leading manufacturer of specialty chemical initiators providing a full range of both organic peroxides and persulfates. With an annual production of several thousand tons, United Initiators has a leading position in the worldwide production of CAROAT®, ensuring supply reliability and quality are never compromised.

To discuss the benefits of CAROAT® and how you can include it within in your treatment offerings, contact one of our industry experts.

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