Supplied by Redox, CALSEAPOWDER® Advance by NUWEN, is an organically certified supplement used to minimise the occurrence of acidosis in animals, such as cows, sheep and goats, ensuring optimal health, effective zootechnical performance and reduced economic impacts.

CALSEAPOWDER® Advance is a rumen slowly-released calcium carbonate agent that can be used to neutralise acids and stabilise the pH level of ruminal fluid in an animal caused by a diet that requires high energy levels (such as corn, silage, wheat or barley) and a low fibre content. It is a natural source of bioavailable macro and micro nutrients, which contribute to the buffering effect, along with trace elements including zinc, iron, manganese, iodine and copper.

Obtained from a 100% natural source of calcareous marine algae, Lithothamnium calcareum, CALSEAPOWDER® Advance is manufactured by NUWEN in France. It is used in mineral mixtures, buckets, blocks and feed supplements, compound and premix feeds, and through farm direct nutrition.

To discuss how you can optimise the health of animals by reducing the occurrence of acidosis, talk to one of our industry experts.

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