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Distributed by Redox, L-Valine is one of the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) along with isoleucine and leucine that are essential for appropriate tissue regeneration and muscle development.  

Supplementing L-Valine is also an effective way to balance low-protein diets to reduce feed cost. L-Valine is the 4th limiting amino acid after Methionine, Lysine and Threonine in poultry diets. In per Mt feed, adding 0.5 kg Valine can save about 20.5 kg soybean meal and therefore, it has been widely used in poultry, swine, aqua and pet feeds.

But what are some of the other benefits to L-Valine?

• Reducing body protein catabolism
• Optimizing gut health
• Reducing oxidative stress
• Improving the immunity

Redox are the exclusive distributors of CJ BIO Amino Acids in Australia and New Zealand. CJ BIO are a business unit of CJ CheilJedang, a global leading bio ingredients producer and supplier for feed and food industry. Breakthrough technology and innovative concepts towards sustainable practices and environmentally friendly solutions ensures high quality and safe products, contributing to their reputation as a global leader in the amino acids industry..

To discuss how you can incorporate L-Valine into your animal’s diets and help improve your animal’s health, talk to one of our industry experts.

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