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Crops are not always subject to natural soil composition determined by years of geological and weather events, instead highly controlled and optimised environments are required to maximise crop’s potential. Distributed by Redox, KY Black Power is a highly refined humic and fulvic acid based biostimulant used as a soil conditioner and plant growth stimulant.

KY’s biostimulant is an 80% potassium humate biostimulant extracted from Leonardite (Lignite), the sedimentation layers of soft brown coal. Its small molecules, high cation-exchange capacity (CEC), oxygen content and water capacity contributes to the enhancement of plant growth and fertility of the soil. It has the capability to be chelated with a variety of elements and heavy metals, is 100% water soluble and CERES organic certified, making it is suitable for liquid formulations and organic farming.

KY is a global leader in fertilisers and biostimulants with a reputation for high quality products and a dedication to innovation. They aim to provide an all-inclusive range of products that can be used to optimise crop growth and performance.

For more information on how you can use KY’s biostimulants to maximise your crop’s potential, contact one of our industry specialists.

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Posted 27 May 2024 in Announcements

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Posted 23 May 2024 in Announcements

Redox joins the Bulk Liquids Industry Association

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Yucca Extract: Multifunctional Benefits

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