L-Histidine is an essential amino acid, important for maintaining fish growth and health, which cannot be produced by fish body and must be provided by feed. Supplied by Redox, CJ BIO’s BestAmino L-Histidine can be used to form a nutritionally balanced commercial aquafeed or used as a supplement, providing overall economic benefits to a production of fish.

While the level of L-Histidine required varies from each species, it has several important functions for fish including protein and haemoglobin synthesis, tissue formation and repair as well as maintenance of osmoregulation and myelin sheaths. It relieves fatigue (pH buffer of muscles), regulates the immune system, provides inflammation defence (tissue repair), acts as an antioxidant and provides heavy metal detoxification. Histidine also has the strongest palatability effect among all amino acids.

CJ BIO, a business unit of CJ CheilJedang is a global leading bio ingredients producer
and supplier for feed and food industry. Breakthrough technology and innovative concepts towards sustainable practices and environmentally friendly solutions ensures high quality and safe products, contributing to their reputation as a global leader in the amino acids industry.

To discuss how L-histidine can nutritionally balance your commercial fish feed, and aid in the production of healthy, high quality fish talk to one of our industry experts.

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