Distributed by Redox, CJ BIO’s BestAmino L-arginine is an essential and functional amino acid used to improve the health and performance of Swine, Poultry and Fish. As a component of all known proteins necessary for the functioning of the body, L-arginine is added to feed as a supplement or formed as part of commercially produced animal feed.

L-arginine can produce creatine which is used by the muscles as an additional source of energy and is a main component in the growth and synthesis of body tissues. Specific benefits of using L-arginine in animal feed include:

  • Poultry - Improving carcass traits, reducing metabolic disorder, reducing adverse effects of stress, improving immune response, improving egg production
  • Swine - Improving piglets’ growth & sows’ pregnancy outcome
  • Fish - Preventing excessive fat deposition (Salmon)

Through its health optimising characteristics, L-arginine also provides economic benefits by reducing costs associated with improving animal health, and also through the production of higher quality and valued products.

CJ BIO, a business unit of CJ CheilJedang is a global leading bio ingredients producer
and supplier for feed and food industry. Breakthrough technology and innovative concepts towards sustainable practices and environmentally friendly solutions ensures high quality and safe products, contributing to their reputation as a global leader in the amino acids industry.

To discuss how you can incorporate L-arginine into your animal’s diets and help improve your animal’s health, talk to one of our industry experts.

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