Agri-Booster by KY Kangyuan, is a pure mineral based bio-stimulant seen to boost performance in a variety of different plant types, soil varieties and crop conditions. Distributed by Redox across Australia and New Zealand, Agri-booster is 100% water soluble and suitable for organic farming.

Agri-Booster is extracted from specially fermented peat, resulting in the smallest molecules with the highest level of naturally extracted fulvic acids. Due to its stable structure, Agri-Booster can be chelated with most trace minerals making them fully soluble with a wide PH range and excellent anti-divalent metal ion ability.

As a natural and organic substance listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), Agri-Booster is shown to aid the development of root systems, enlarge leaf size, and promote a greener and thicker crop. It may also enhance the resistance of crops against disease and stress.

Based in China, Kangyuan is a global leader in fertilisers and bio-stimulants with a reputation for high quality products and a dedication to innovation. They aim to provide an all-inclusive range of products that can be used to optimise crop growth and performance.

For more information on how you can use Agri-Booster as a bio-stimulant to boost the performance of your crops, contact one of our industry specialists.

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