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Water is our most precious resource, with climate change bringing drought to large swathes of Australia recently it’s proper management has become a hot button topic. Through its long partnership with Jacobi Carbons of Sweden, Redox is a supplier of cutting edge activated carbon & ion exchange resin.

Jacobi’s activated carbon  is manufactured from a large range of raw materials to address any filtration requirement in the most efficient and cost-effective way. The selection of the correct activated carbon is critical, whether the challenge is in potable, process or waste applications.

Activated carbons have a variety of uses across different markets.

  • Cyanotoxin Removal from Drinking Water
  • Taste & Odour Reduction
  • Air Filter Applications Involving Activated Carbon
  • Chloramine removal
  • Condensate Treatment with PetroSorb HS-D
  • Corrosion Prevention

Jacobi are the worlds number one source for Coconut derived Activated Carbon, a renewable source which is more environmentally friendly. Other  materials include wood, lignite, bituminous and anthracite coal. The activated carbon is manufactured by chemical and steam activation and can be impregnated to deliver even more unique qualities. All products are available in granular (GAC) and powdered (PAC) form. The anthracite coal based carbon is also formed into extrudates (pellets), as filter design often demands the use of a uniform particle size.

At Redox we know and understand all facets of water management, from potable water technology which is optimized to provide the safest and most reliable drinking water for our communities through to waste water treatment allowing industry to thrive while complying with their environmental obligations. Through this partnership, Redox customers are provided with high quality specialty products and technical support to suit their water needs.

To talk to our water experts today, click here.

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