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With an increase occurrence of 40 degree hot days, approximately 2.7 million Australians, 13% of the Australian population, have sought a permanent solution to cooling down; living in a house with a swimming pool. Redox understands the chemical balance in water, sourcing ingredients for pool and spa chemical manufacturers, which ensure their products are the best within the market.

The chemicals that go into pools or spas are a means of maintaining a balance, with pool water generally being either scale forming or corrosive. Our products are vital ingredients to help maintain the pH level, level of alkaline and calcium hardness in water, and as such aid your products effectiveness against various issues in pools and spas, including:

  • Cloudy or discoloured water
  • Stains, Scale and algae build up
  • Corrosion of surfaces and equipment
  • Bacteria growth

Redox distributes chemical and spa ingredients to an extensive network of manufacturers and wholesalers. From biocides, algaecides and bactericides, to dechlorinating aids and pH adjusters, Redox has the ingredients for your products. For more than 50 years Redox has faithfully served the pool and spa chemical manufacturing industry with experts who can help you with every aspect of your process, supported by our supplier partnerships.

Our water experts can ensure you’re supplying the market with the right chemical ingredients with the latest discoveries and trends in chemistry. Contact us today!

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Posted 26 Feb 2024 in Animal Nutrition

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Soluble and insoluble fibre for layer chickens

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