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The world economy is seeing a shift from west to east and north to south, with China and India becoming the powerhouses of the new world economy. As the seventh largest chemical distributor in Asia, Redox is well positioned geographically, economically and culturally to be a part of this expanded marketplace – The Silk Highway.

The CSIRO in their Our Future World report identifies the megatrend ‘The silk highway’  as an economic shift that will build new export markets, trade relations, business models and cultural ties to Australia where tourists, funds and ideas will increasingly flow out of Asian countries and into the Australian economy and society. It is predicted that rapid income growth will see billions of people begin to transition out of poverty and into the middle income classes resulting in this new and expanded marketplace.


As the composition of imports is forecast to shift away from low value add goods towards high value add goods, such as cars, office equipment and technology, possibilities arise in identifying and developing new niche industries that cater to the Asian market. With established operations in Malaysia and an ever growing network across Asia, Redox is well primed to continue to develop these markets and provide new innovative products which give clients that competitive edge.

At Redox we benefit from a diversified team of individuals from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds who strengthen our relationships across cultures and communication channels. With member’s proficient in speaking Mandarin and understanding how business is conducted across country lines, our sales and marketing team prove to be effective in building long lasting relationships where shared values and common goals align for mutual benefit.

To discuss how we can help you source the right ingredients for your markets, contact one our team today!

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