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According to the CSIRO Our Future World report the megatrend ‘More for Less’ explores how companies, governments and communities will discover new ways of ensuring quality of life for current and future generations within the confines of the natural world’s limited resources. With global water demand forecast to increase by 55% from the year 2000 to 2050, and the concerns that climate change present, managing global water scarcity is important in safeguarding quality of life.  

At Redox, our products are making an important contribution to the efficient and responsible use and reuse of water, enabling governments, companies and individuals to optimise water resources while attending to our shared environmental responsibilities.

Our products are vital to desalination projects which replace scarce inland fresh water sources and retain environmental flows needed for the healthy functioning of our river systems. Our filtration media and chemical treatment options remove heavy metals, biological or physical contaminations from industrial waste water leaving it clean and ready for reuse or return to nature.

Tapping into aquifers through the use of bores can also provide an important source of water for many remote communities, along with Redox’s many anti-fouling acid products which can keep them functioning at peak capacity.

Our associations with industry groups and professionals places us at the forefront of new water technologies and innovations, market demands and consumer expectations, allowing us to help in the preservation of clean water ways, promoting standards for education and training, and the protection of public health.

To learn more about how we at Redox can help with your water treatment and quality needs, contact one of our industry experts.

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