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Redox are very proud to offer the Evonik VISIOMER specialty methacrylate range for our clients in Australia and New Zealand. The Evonik VISIOMER specialty methacrylate range are monomers that can be used in different types of radical polymerization techniques. They can be co-monomers in all acrylic polymers as well as in combination with other unsaturated monomers.

The VISIOMER portfolio offers a large range of methacrylates as diluents and co-monomers applicable in photo-curable SLA 3D printing techniques. The right choice of VISIOMER monomers as a reactive diluent allows for tailoring the properties of your printed objects.

Typical properties include:

  • High weatherability
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Enhanced mechanical properties

Some well-established reactive diluents are VISIOMER IBOMA and VISIOMER HEMATMDI, but VISIOMER also offer a range of di and tri- functional crosslinkers such as:

  • VISIOMER EGDMA: a co-agent for rubber cross-linking and can replace volatile pastiziers in plastisols or improve mechanical properties of plastic films and artificial marble resins
  • VISIOMER TMPTMA: a trifunctional monomer used where hi cross-linking density is required
  • VISOMER TRGDMA: applicable in dental compounds and adhesives for various dental applications

VISOMER methacrylates have a diverse selection of solutions such as:

  • Post-Processing: VISIOMER GDMA and UHP-HEMA provide free hydroxyl group for isocyanate curing or further functionalization.
  • Adhesion: VISIOMER MEEU is used to improve adhesion and cohesion of emulsion polymers for PSA’s.
  • Oligomer Modification: VISIOMER MAAH easily introduces methacrylic functionalities into various oligomers.

Evonik’s methacrylate labs have developed more than 400 different monomers over the years to meet their customer’s specific needs. Their speciality methacrylates serve a broad range of industries and applications.

To find out more about VISIOMER specialty methacrylates, contact one of our industry specialists today.


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