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In this month’s Employee Spotlight, we shine a light on South Australian Branch Manager Tony Cooper. 

When did you start working at Redox and what was your first role?

I started in March 2000 as a Senior Account Manager.

What do you love most about working at Redox?

“I come to work every day expecting to win and I work with people who think the same.”


What is a personal achievement you’ve hit while working at Redox?

Being asked to take on the role of Branch Manager after acting in the role for an interim period whilst we advertised and interviewed externally. I’ve developed large accounts from nothing and I’ve introduced and built up new products, but to be appointed Branch Manager and entrusted to drive the Branch forward in all areas is a very special responsibility. It still means a lot to me 16 years on.

You’ve handled some very demanding, large customers – what is the secret?

First of all it’s about attention to detail, if there are any issues you identify quickly and propose possible solutions. Solutions that work in the best interest of Redox and the customer.

“These are not mutually exclusive. Stronger relationships will be built over time when mutual solutions can be found.”

How have processes or technology changed at Redox? 

Technology has changed so much from the old ‘green screen’ PICK system and e-mail/Office running on a separate PC to an integrated IT platform with Redebiz, Office, IPFX, MFP’s, Security etc. All done from your desk or laptop. Oh and Skype meetings – how cool are they!

What are your work mates like?

I love the characters within Redox and the way we are all individuals but all working together.

Redox people are great and help make working here so much fun.

What do you think it is about Redox specifically, that has seen the business go from strength to strength?

Our sales staff are trained to understand our strengths and our strategic advantages. Redox’s strengths are things such as,

“our significant stock position, our incredibly wide range of products all delivered with personalised service.”

Do you have a nickname?

Charlie Brown, because I’m always smiling!

And finally, what’s your favourite band/song/music?

Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing, but really anything with “all the chords, not strictly rhythm where he doesn’t want to make it cry or sing”.

I’m broadly eclectic – ABBA type pop, Australian rock through to Indie and alternative stuff like Offspring, Green Day and Blondie.

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