Distributed by Redox, DSM’s Stanyl® is a high-performance nylon/polyamide (PA46) solution that enable manufacturers to overcome persistent challenges of including colour within a products design while still maintaining its functionality. Stanyl® provides a solution for leading engineers in the consumer electronics industry where they are no longer constrained by the design limitation of Liquid Crystal Polymers (LCP).

Previously, product design in the consumer electronic industry has been limited by the properties of a particular material, bringing uniformed products from a variety of different manufacturers. Unlike LCP, Stanyl® can be moulded into white and bright Chroma colours, providing the opportunity for innovative designs and differentiation.

By choosing Stanyl® for your application you can unlock exceptional product development through:

  • Metal replacement: Stanyl® combines high stiffness with excellent wear resistance in temperatures above 200°C (and for short term peak temperatures up to 250°C) enabling metal replacement options for a variety of applications.
  • Outstanding durability: Stanyl® provides excellent resistance to wear and low friction. And has good abrasion resistance for moving parts.
  • Easier processing:Thanks to its outstanding flow properties that beat competitive materials, Stanyl® delivers commercial benefits through reduced cycle time and increased design freedom for manufacturers producing computer and phone components.
  • Flammability rating: Halogen-free Stanyl® grades available for connectors requiring the UL94-V0 flammability rating.

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