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In response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic we have activated our established Pandemic Plan. This includes a number of practical initiatives to protect our employees and communities such as social distancing, mandatory quarantine for any showing any symptoms or returning from overseas, the provision of hand sanitiser stations amongst others to limit the spread of the disease. Management are committed to ensuring that our workplace is as safe as our homes.

We have also taken steps to ensure business continuity including the provision of more laptop computers and resilience testing of systems and procedures.

Redox have significant stock positions spread throughout our business but some shortages or delays are unfortunately inevitable and largely out of our sphere of influence. Many clients are asking for detailed information including the completion of questionnaires and statements, with more than 7000 customers, 1000 products and 800 suppliers this is a complex task and we ask for patience as we work through your requests.

A number of factors which are affecting prices and supply –

  • shipping container imbalance worldwide – particularly in Europe where a lack of empty containers has been reported widely.
  • lower shipping space capacity – some blank sailings out of China
  • Exchange rate fluctuations
  • Oil price drops
  • Supply & demand – some items are short because of a surge in demand

If a shortage occurs then we will preference supply to clients with master orders/forward commitments. Customers who purchase on an ex-stock basis who are concerned about supply interruptions should start discussions with their respective sales representatives about planning a forward commitment.

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