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Demand peaked when the world was hit by COVID-19 because this antiseptic and disinfectant has a powerful microbial trick up its sleeve.

Chloroxylenol has a long history of safe use as an antimicrobial worldwide. Developed in Europe in the 1920s and used in the United States since the 1950s, Chloroxylenol is one of the most mature antimicrobial agents around.

PCMX is a commonly used liquid disinfectant and antiseptic for a range of industries including the Medical industry for cleaning surgical instruments in hospitals and clinics, Therapeutics for use in wound cleaners, treatment for cuts, bites, stings and abrasions as well as sanitation for use in antibacterial/antiseptic soaps & hand cleansers.

It can also be found in hair conditioners, toilet cleaners, deodorants, soaps and paste, as well as common household disinfectants. Most famously it’s known for being one of the active ingredients in Dettol.

At low concentrations, PCMX works by breaking through microbial cell walls to inactivate cellular enzymes due to its phenolic nature. It is most effective against gram-positive bacteria but still works against gram-negative bacteria. It is not significantly toxic to humans when used in liquid/cream antiseptics, as such it’s listed on the World Health Organisations List of Essential Medicines.

Redox has already supplied PCMX into the US and Malaysian markets. Whilst most demand comes from the United States and Europe, we also have capacity to supply to customers in Australia and New Zealand.

If you’d like to know more, please contact one of our industry specialists today.


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