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Bile acids are a specific and quantitatively important organic components of bile in humans and animals. Bile acids are bio-surfactants and assist intestinal digestion and absorption of lipids and fatty soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, D, E and K, and improve nutrient utilisation.

Recently it has been shown that bile acids act as regulators of gut microbiome and play a key role as signalling molecules by modulating cell proliferation, gene expression, lipid and glucose metabolism.

Dietary energy level is a pivotal factor that influences the feed efficiency, growth performance and carcass composition of poultry and pigs. Lipids (fat and oil), the most concentrated energy sources are usually added to poultry and pig diets for better productivity. However, there are some problems regarding to dietary lipid utilization. In young animals, dietary lipid digestion and absorption is poorly developed due to limited bile secretion and an immature digestive system. The plant based feed ingredients in particular some high fibre ingredients in layer chicken diets result in an increase in bile acids excretion or a decrease in bile acids retention. In reduced protein diets for broiler chickens and pigs, relatively higher carbohydrates may result in fatty carcass, lower plasma high density lipid (HDL) and fatty liver disease.

In addition, the trend to remove antibiotics as the feed additives actually reduced lipid digestibility for animals. Therefore, addition of exogenous bile acids to animal feeds will not only improve chicken or pig performance but also enhance animal health by using the lipid more efficiently.

Redox’s exogenous bile acids (30%) are extracted from chicken bile pastes by a process of saponification, decolourisation, acidification, purification and desiccation.

In a recent broiler chicken trial we conducted in the University of Sydney, adding 200 gram/MT to either a conventional diet or a reduced protein diets, significantly improved FCR in both treatments and reduced the mortality rate in the reduced protein treatments.

Application inclusion rate:


Runeon Bile Acid is suitable for use in industries such as Poultry, Pig, Aquaculture and Companion animal feed and is available in 20kg bags.

If you’d like to know more, please contact one of our industry specialists today.

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